Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

I represent individuals and businesses in their residential or commercial real estate matters.

Commercial Real Estate – Representing:

  • people who are about to rent a space for their business
  • the landlord entering into a lease with a new tenant
  • the businessperson acquiring (buying) a business or investment property
  • the businessperson developing or building a business or investment property
  • anyone about to sublet space (tenant or landlord – but not in the same transaction)
  • anyone seeking a zoning change or special permit

Residential Real Estate – Representing:

  • the Buyer or Seller of a home
  • the homeowner considering renovating or adding to the home
  • unmarried people buying a home together – they need a Co-Owners’ Agreement (like a partnership agreement for the home)
  • Owners who want to transfer the home to a different family member or add another person as a co-owner

Loans – Representing:

  • borrowers, especially in commercial loans – from the time of application for the loan through negotiating its terms, and going to closing
  • banks, in commercial and real estate loans
  • private investors/lenders

Typical Transactions I have represented clients in the following:

Leasing – representing retail chains, with extensive shopping center and urban business district leases – review, negotiation and drafting/revising leases on behalf of tenant.

Asset Purchase – provided all real estate due diligence for $85 million asset purchase; included reviewing leases for more than 100 locations, and all issues associated with conveyance of owned real property.

Real Property Tax Assessment Appeals – representing the property owner at the post-administrative appeal level (appeal to Common Pleas Court, in Pennsylvania); working with property owner’s appraiser and other expert witnesses in preparing them to testify, gathering and preparing demonstrative evidence, including production of a video of the property for presentation at trial; trial of the appeal.

Construction/permanent loans – representing lenders or borrowers, up to permanent loan closing on major center City new hotel (representing owner/borrower). Projects include commercial, industrial and residential development, new construction on vacant land, and renovation of existing improvements.

  • on behalf of borrower: drafting and negotiation of construction contracts; negotiation of loan terms, documents; all pre-closing preparation, satisfying commitment requirements; and closing;
  • on behalf of lender: drafting commitment letter, loan documents, review of borrower’s documents, permits, etc., submitted to lender; negotiation of loan terms, documents; all pre- closing preparation; and closing;

Acquisition or Refinancing loans – representing lenders or borrowers.

Working capital lines of credit – representing lenders; secured (real property, pledges of stock and/or partnership interests, other collateral) and unsecured lines.

Purchases/Sales of Real Estate – from simple residential to complex apartment, office and industrial building transactions; from negotiation of agreement of sale (for buyer or seller)
through obtaining financing (for buyer); all preparations for closing, and closing;

IDB (Industrial Development Bond) Issues – representing lender, letter of credit issuer or trustee, including some UDAG projects

Representative clients: Community mental health agencies (private non-profit) in connection with HUD-financed projects; community agency in developing its [HUD] HOPE-3 projects and documents; industrial defense contractor; retail businesses; child care business; HUD-financed developments; apartment building investors; law firms; individuals.

Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) as its Pennsylvania counsel in connection with an RTC land auction of properties in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In that auction, twelve Pennsylvania properties were offered for sale, and eleven were sold.